What cards can you use to pay with FavePay?

We accept Amex, MasterCard and Visa credit / debit cards. You can continue using the card saved on Fave if you are an existing user. Otherwise, if you are a new user and wish to pay with FavePay you would need to insert your card:

Click on the ME tab > MY PAYMENTS > Add payment method above

Alternatively, you can also add in your credit/debit card details during purchase:

  1.  Click on the FavePay Tab and search for the correct partner or "Scan" the QR code
  2. Key in the total bill amount >  Next >
  3. Below in the Payment Method > add / change your credit / debit card details.

Additionally, for better convenience, you can now save more than 1 card in your Fave account! Just type in the card details and save them for transactions you would like to make. Also, you can choose any one card as your "Primary Method Of Payment"!










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