Unable to use promo code?

There are a few reasons why you are unable to apply the promo code:

  1. Validity
    Do check the validity of the promo code and make sure it is still valid. To view the details of the promo code, click on "ME" > "Promotion".

  2. Minimum spend and minimum discount value
    - Some promo codes have a minimum spending and will only be applicable when the required purchase amount is met. 

    - Some promo code have a maximum discount value (e.g.30% off with a maximum discount value of RM10) Which means the highest discount amount will only be RM10. Please do read through the details of the promo code. 

  3. Exclusions apply
    Do check if the promo code states "exclusions apply". This means that the promo code is not applicable to certain deals. 


    Terms and conditions of

    - First time users: Promo code is only valid for your first Fave deal purchase. 

    - Specific collection deals: Promo code is only valid for deals under a specific collection or category.(e.g. Beauty, Buffets, Services etc.) 

    - One time use: Promo code can only be utilise once. 

    - Some promo codes are only valid from a certain time frame. It will be stated in the banners on the Fave website and app. 

    - The discount type of the promo code can be in percentage or an absolution value. (e.g. 10% or RM10)  

    - The promo code will be forfeited and will not be re-useable if the deal is cancelled. 
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