What is cashback?

That is something we would all want to know, isn’t it? Here is a bonus: Fave has 2 types of cashback:

1. Fave Cashback: These are obtained from refunds of transactions made on Fave and are valid for 3 months from the date of issuance to offset your future transactions on Fave, be it FavePay, Fave deals, or eCards. 

Take note: Fave cashback obtained from Promo code Campaigns are valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise. This will be calculated based on the final transacted amount (i.e. after deducting promo discount and existing cashback used)

2. Partner Cashback: This cashback is the return of a percentage of your total bill (not including any amount paid with promo codes and cashback) in the form of partner cashback. For example, the restaurant offers a 15% cashback. Your total bill at XYZ Restaurant is RM10 and you pay RM2 in cashback, while RM8 is paid for in cash. After a successful FavePay transaction, you will receive RM1.20 (15% of cash amount paid) in partner cashback that can be used during your next visit at XYZ Restaurant.

This cashback will be added to your partner cashback. You can use those cashback for your next FavePay transaction with the same partner as they are valid for 2-3 months depending on the validity shown on the customer's end. 

To view any existing cashback in your account, head to the ME tab and click on "My Cashback".


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