Can I refer friends to Fave?

Yes, you can. Referring friends to Fave will land you and your friend a discount! All you have to do is share your personal referral code with friends and get rewarded whenever a friend uses your code on their first purchase. You will only receive the referral cashback once your friend's voucher is redeemed! 

Kindly take note: A referral code is used the same way as a normal promo code.  To learn more about how to use a referral code, please refer: How do I use a promo code to offset my purchases? 

 To share your referral code to your friends: 

  • Click on the 'Me' tab > Get RM5 off > You will see your unique referral code. You can even share that referral code directly from the app on multiple social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and more!

 Referral_code.png   Referral_code_2.PNG

To see your cashback:

  • Click on 'Me' tab > My Cashback


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